Enterprise System Optimization

Many Fortune 1000 companies have evolved their organizations in similar ways over the past decade. In many cases corporate strategies have led to disparate operating models leading to sub-optimized environments.

What if you could…

Reduce ERP-related IT costs by 20% – 45%
Reduce Sarbanes-Oxley compliance costs through common auditable processes
Reduce financial headcount by as much as 30% – 60% by implementing shared services
Reduce closing time by up to 90% due to real-time financial view
Reduce time to integrate acquired companies by 66% and enable divestiture strategies
Reduce reaction time and decision support from months to days due to real-time operations view
Reduce inventory levels (up to 50%), stockouts, and purchasing costs (up to 25%) through global coordination of sourcing and suppliers

RamsCorp recommends the BEST solution. Please read the associated file for more information.

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